KOLOVRAT Spring/Summer 2019 – PASSPORT

#ModaLisboa! KOLOVRAT becomes more and more my favourite fashion brand based in Portugal. I am in love with the new Spring/Summer 2019 collection .. named: PASSPORT! Designer Lidija Kolovrat was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She studied cinema and fashion at the Design and Technology College in Zagreb, Croatia. In 1990 she moved to Portugal where she lives and works since then.


Today I had a dream…

Dreams, a space where the body breathes a raw freedom that dissolves in the blood and drains into daily life, the journey to an epicentre where the imagination flourishes and control disappears.

Passport is the shudder of this subconscious, a symbolic door of contagion between what is dreamed and what is real, an unpredictable vision in a society of functional mechanics.

Passport is the identity returned to the individual, a face and not the number is the symbol of humanity’s passage that deconstructs again, the breaking of the norm through creativity, a simplistic statement of rupture.

It is in this saga that the narrative motto is found for a collection of vivid colors, embedded in the democratic expression, where every fabric, every pattern, every cut transports us to a life of liberation.

Established in1990, Kolovrat offers a deconstructed new vision on men and women’s tailoring, while keeping the DNA and finishing of a traditional savoir-faire. Kolovrat is placed in an old bakery‐flagship store, in the heart of Lisbon. The store and the atelier on the first floor have an unique and extravagant ambience, where you can have pieces made to measure and where the clientele needs are taken cared of very personally. The designer has a very individual approach towards fashion, and creates unique and surprising pieces that can be found by people who seek special items.

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