A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Daniela Meise. Styling by Helen Weiss. Models are Nomin Gantumur and Johanna Eßler. Hair & Make-up by Erika Neumann. Fashion brands used are AVAVAV, Gestuz, Guess, Ganni, Claudie Peirlot, Falke, Abercrombie & Fitch, Massimo Dutti, Laura Chlass, Love Stories, Eterna and Johanna Eßler.

“The story was shot in a newly discovered location called „Kraftwerk Bille” in Hamburg, which I haven’t seen in any other fashion editorial before. Therefore I was very happy to have found and be able to shoot there.

Even though I like to plan everything through – of course – many things did not as planned: For example, we didn’t find a second model we liked that would also match the concept and first model until I saw a picture of my stylist’s assistant, who I spontaneously upgraded to be our second model. Also, there was a disaster on set when one of my lenses fell on the concrete floor. I was then forced to shoot the rest of the day with just one lens.

Even though all of this was pretty stressful, I loved the day and results so much and thought „This is why I chose to be a photographer”. I believe that creatively overcoming all these obstacles, is where the magic happens. You have to be creative and obtain true art.”

Photography by Daniela Meise / / Instagram: @danielameisephotography
Styling by Helen Weiss / Instagram: @byhelenweiss
Hair & Make-up by Erika Neumann at Kult Artists / Instagram: @funkyeri
Models are Nomin Gantumur at @mrrrsmodels / Instagram: @nmnrden
and Johanna Eßler / Instagram: @steilingstippsbyelse
Photography Assistant by Benjamin Ulrich / Instagram: @bennypennyy
Styling Assistant by Johanna Eßler / Instagram: @steilingstippsbyelse

Brands: AVAVAV @avavav Gestuz @gestuz , Guess @guess , Ganni @ganni , Falke @falke , Claudie Pierlot @claudiepierlot , Abercrombie & Fitch @abercrombie , Massimo Dutti @massimodutti , Laura Chlass @laurachlass , Big Pants by Johanna Eßler @steilingstippsbyelse , Eterna @eterna_mode , Love stories @lovestoriesintimates