Kraków Loves Adana releases new single ‘Hiding In My Room’

Kraków Loves Adana – the alias of Hamburg-based artist and producer Deniz Çiçek – unveils the new song ‘Hiding In My Room’ as another foretaste of the upcoming album Oceanflower, due February 14th. Surrounded by pulsating synth arpeggios and 80s disco flair, Çiçek whispers hopeful thoughts about loneliness and adolescence into our ears.

The accompanying animation video was directed and realized by Swedish illustrator and animator Johannes Helgelin. “The theme and subject matter behind the video for ‘Hiding In My Room’ is identity, the prerequisites for successfully forming one, and how important it is to have one to be able to venture out from adolescence to adulthood,” explains Johannes.

This song is a rebellion against depression, isolation, hopelessness. It is also a testimony of me pulling myself out of a very dark place mentally. Music helps. Therapy helps even more. I am proud of how far I have come.

“Hiding In My Room” follows the previously released lead single “When The Storm Comes” – a collaborative track with former Chromatics members Ruth Radelet and Adam Miller. The title for Kraków Loves Adana’s upcoming album derives from Çiçek’s birth name – with Deniz Çiçek translating to Ocean Flower from the Turkish language. Her probably most conciliating record yet, the album offers anthemic tunes like the lead single “When The Storm Comes” as well as a variety of more introspective and melancholic tracks.

Çiçek on the record: “In a way, I dedicate this record to my younger self. People always like to say that those are the best years of our lives but for me, I was often in pain and had a hard time dealing with life. I made this record detached from any expectations in a challenging phase – torn between wanting to quit music altogether and not knowing how to go on with my life.”

“Oceanflower” follows Kraków Loves Adana’s previous records “Follow The Voice” (2021) and “Darkest Dreams” (2020), with Çiçek recalling the former as an in-between record. Kraków Loves Adana was formed in 2006 after eyeing each other for months at the same nightclubs in Germany. The group’s guitar-driven electronic ballads echo dream pop with a melancholic edge. The pair’s fifth studio album “Darkest Dreams” was released in 2020 and offered a closer look into a world where dreams and reality collide. In autumn 2019 Chromatics invited Kraków Loves Adana to directly support them on their Double Exposure Tour through Europe. Çiçek’s voice can be heard in a recent collaboration with producer duo Adana Twins on the tracks “Clocks” and “Neonlicht” from their “1983” EP (2021) which was released on Solomun’s label Diynamic.

Kraków Loves Adana’s new album “Oceanflower” releases February 14th 2023. Pre-order the vinyl here: