Ksenia Schnaider Spring/Summer 2020

#Lookbook – Ksenia Schnaider is opening up about a personal journey with the new Spring-Summer KSENISCHNAIDER 2020 collection to join the conversation about psychological struggles faced by young people in the 21st century.

The world is going round faster and faster each year and the challenge for the creative industries becomes more complex as one must be both creative and calculated at once. Forever eager to remain in the loop and ahead of the stream, people fall into the trap, where they don’t have enough time to listen to themselves. This is exactly the thought which became fundamental for Ksenia this season. kseniaschnaider.com // www.instagram.com/kseniaschnaider

In this restless collection, she is exploring vibrant colours, the shapes reminiscent of her mother’s wardrobe and using a combination of teenage maximalism and anxiety in her slogans. In the end, this is just to represent what is happening in the brain of young creative in the world full of possibility and responsibility.

This collection doesn’t focus on a specific colour palette but instead embraces the kaleidoscope of colour combinations, which is to further emphasise the vibrancy of the experience of a modern human being’s brain in this fast world. Similarly, it unites simple silhouettes like the classic denim skirts, jeans, hourglass dresses and blazers, with absolutely eclectic decisions of including a cowboy-inspired look into the mix.

We’ve added many dresses to the collection, which seem very pure and feminine to me and that is what I was aiming at. I feel really good about the collection on a very profound level. But at some point, I started noticing these thoughts creeping in… But is it feminine ENOUGH?, I thought.​ – says Ksenia and carries onto explaining why this was an important thing to notice, – ​Millenials, or rather people with a millennial lifestyle, as the classification is often irrelevant of age, spend so much time worrying about how to please everyone, they forget to pay attention to themselves. Essentially, this collection is symbolic of my journey to hearing my own voice again. I love how bold it turned out

KSENIASCHNAIDER is a Kyiv-based brand, which was established by Ksenia and Anton Schnaider, who had had previous experience in Fashion and Graphic Design respectively. The brand gained worldwide recognition with the invention of demi-denims in 2016 and continued to surprise their audience with designs like denim fur in 2017 and asymmetrical jeans in 2019. The asymmetrical jeans phenomenon has remained in the media for a year now gathering more and more impressions with each day.

Among a multitude of influencers KSENIASCHNAIDER has been repeatedly worn by Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Instagram fashion editor Eva Chen, and most recently artist Tommy Cash.