Kurt Prynne Underwear.

„Like a fox looking for food in the night. While everybody is sleeping. Unexpected and surprising. Attractive like something scary, but you can’t take your eyes off until it disappears.
 Kurt is in front of you. You can’t flee from him. He takes control and drives you to a hidden place where your fantasies can be revealed and what once was covered, can be now unveiled.”
Model: Walter Patta @walterpatta

Kurt is thrilled to offer you a comfortable line of underwear, for your uncomfortable fantasies.
 Produced in Italy with the finest jersey cotton, breathable on the skin with its recognizable jacquard logo ton sur ton on a 3 cm elastic waistband for a guaranteed fit wash after wash.

www.instagram.com/kurtprynne // kurtprynne.com

Kurt Prynne underwear includes a brief and the man´s wildest universal item –  the jockstrap – 3 cm of soft elastic embraces your waist and 2 cm will gently hug your backside.

No big logos or colours are needed when you are showing your best features. Kurt Prynne is known for choosing real people as their model and invites them to share their life stories. The second model, Berlin-based acrobat Daniel Stern @instavdan

Experience on stage does not necessarily mean a natural comfort in front of the camera. For career-acrobat-but-first-time-model Dan, hosting the shoot in his Berlin home, wearing clothes from his closet, further complicates the matter.

After a winter of lockdown, the home has become both sanctuary and prison. The camera acts as unknown observer, at once both suspicious intruder and welcome guest.

“Performing on stage is such a different experience than ‘performing’ in your own home. The scale is different. The stakes are different. When the camera and lights are on, all of sudden my clothes become costume, the walls of my home backdrop and scene. It’s a much more vulnerable experience. For someone who maintains a minimal social media presence, it’s also unnerving to know the photos will have a life of their own digitally. Even the phrase on the t-shirt takes on a weighty irony.”

In the end, the shoot is about the push and pull of many opposing ideas: the (dis)comfort of home, the public exposure of private spaces, the paradox of a performer abandoning digital stages.

Like Kurt Prynne, it attempts to capture a small glimpse of Uncomfortable Truth worn intimately close. 

Model: Daniel Stern @instavdan
Model: Walter Patta @walterpatta
Styling and Jewelry: Nadia Buick @nadiabuick
Beaded neckpiece: Paula Dunlop @paula_dunlop