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La Dolce Winter

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Art-direction by Vlada Ivanova. Photography by Maria Ovchinnikova & Vlada Ivanova. Style by Angelina Supranovich. Models are Yegor Gavrin, Maria Ovchinnikova, Vlada Ivanova and Angelina Supranovich. Fashion by zachembrand , Kooperativ Shine , Fasterisque , Balaklava Top, Nizhe, Vingil Lab , Victoria Queen , Boris Miheikin.

Bright, swirling colors. Psychedelic colors and natural materials. Balaclavas and bright geometric sunglasses and, of course, skis in the aggregate with wool sweaters – and it’s all about winter fashion in Russia.


Art-direction by Vlada Ivanova / Instagram: @defleppardd
Photography by Maria Ovchinnikova / Instagram: @moon_only_moon & Vlada Ivanova
Style by Angelina Supranovich / Instagram: @linnheyden
Models are Yegor Gavrin Instagram: @yegorgavrin , Maria Ovchinnikova, Vlada Ivanova, Angelina Supranovich