Track Premiere: La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard – ‘Punk Grit’

After almost a decade of collaborations in Berlin ranging from studio production to radio show, party series to record label work, it was time for La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard to launch a new facet of their symbiotic exchange : the live act. Going into this project with their joint experiences as DJs and producers, they have come up with a formula and a vision that has the dancers as central focus. The duo tease their upcoming EP Assault Groove on Florian Meindl’s Flash Recordings with the relentless single ‘Punk Grit’.

Taking the DJ’s observational skills of reading a room and necessary flexibility to give the audience what it needs at the right time, the narrative emotional impact of the producer work and their love of analog and modular gears for an engaging live experience, the decision to create a duo came from the desire to divide the work in a way that allows one artist to handle the groove to keep the audience dancing while the other can build on crowd feedback to improvise a melodic direction, going from emotional journey to hard hitting efficiency according to the dancers needs.

Though clearly techno-oriented, they have the strong desire to travel through the different flavors of that music, ranging from acid to industrial, deep and emotional to ghetto tech.



Assault Groove is due to be released on March 24th via Flash 
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