La Tapisserie by Tokio Okada

This exclsuive KALTBLUT story is about the interaction of the positivity and the negativity. Expressing opposite forces form a whole. It cannot be exist if even one of them is lacking. We all are one tapestry. Model is Ichi. Photography by Tokio Okada. Styled by Masumi Yakuzawa using Frankblack. Makeup by Risa Chino. Hair by Hikaru Uno.

Photography by Tokio Okada / Instagram : @tokiookada
Style by Masumi Yakuzawa / Instagram : @masumi_yakuzawa
Makeup by Risa Chino / Instagram : @risachino_makeup
Hair by Hikaru Uno / Instagram : @unohikaru
Model is Ichi / Instagram : @iam_ichi

Brand : Frankblack