Lauren Sanderson’s Top 5

Sanderson is a rebel with a cause and your newest obsession. After treating us with her first release of the year in ‘Hotel Room,’ Sanderson returned with her sonic masterpiece ‘Upset’ off her forthcoming debut album, Midwest Kids Can Make It Big. Lauren has mastered the art of relaying powerful messages and pairing them with melodies you can’t get out of your head. Her dominant voice takes charge in this relatable single and as a savant with words, Sanderson shows off her songwriting capabilities with this deeply in-depth track about not getting caught up in the daily news cycle. In light of her newest release, Lauren shares her 5 must haves/must do’s when you’re upset, “We all feel the chaos and we all are a little unsure what to do with it. Keep your heart strong and your mind open. There’s always a light for you somewhere.”

1. “Sad playlists. Sometimes to dive into it, sometimes just to feel understood. Here’s mine.”

2. “Journal it out. Sometimes we subconsciously trap too much inside. Don’t be afraid to have a therapy session with yourself. Ask yourself questions, go deeper into it.”
3. “DON’T RUN FROM IT. If you’re upset, it’s probably just better to let yourself feel it and naturally let the moment pass. It won’t be forever. Trust the process.”
4. “Call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile. When you’re upset, the energy you surround yourself with is really important. Don’t go around complainers or negative people unless you want to make it worse. Call someone who inspires you. Let them make you shmile.”
5. Go outside. Get some fresh air. Take a deep breath. Lay in the grass. Go to the beach. Go sit in a parking lot. Just get out of your house. It can be kinda lonely in there.”

‘Upset’ is out now via Young Forever Inc.