LDN Skate Girls. Photography by XAOUX

KALTBLUT presents an exclusive photography series: LDN Skate Girls. Photography by XAOUX. “What is it about? If you scroll through your Instagram-feed nowadays you’ll see a lot of (Instagram-) models who wear skate brands such as Supreme, Palace, The Hundreds, HUF etc. Plus, these photographers often portray the same girls and I wanted to shoot random girls who wear skate-brands because they actually skate. Instead of a fashion shoot I decided to turn it into a documentary/report while I tagged along for a day.” says XAOUX

I had approached a few female skaters and I finally met up with four girls @ Mile End Skatepark, London. The reason why I wanted to shoot female skaters is because while doing research I found out that in the skate scene the focus is mainly about male skaters  (huck. I saw there was a big female skate-community too and wanted to visualize this. While shooting these girls at Mile End I realized I wanted to see more and I hope I can portray more female skaters in different countries. ” says XAOUX

Photography by: Raoul Laisina / xaoux.com / instagram.com/XAOUX /
Skaters: Aimee instagram.com/orchidaurora /
Anita instagram.com/speedy_fkh_gonzales /
Aurore instagram.com/opishh /
Wings instagram.com/kinkychinkywings