Léonie Barbot Shares Debut EP ‘Communication’

Paris-based singer/songwriter Léonie Barbot shares her stunning debut 2-track EP ‘Communication’. The project is independently released and available on all platforms. The 22-year-old multi-hyphenate artist had teamed up with two highly-respected producers Darius (Roche Musique) and Jay Prince to bring the body of work to life. With r&b and soul-laden sonics, the beats enable Léonie’s vocals to really shine. As a self-confessed introspective person, Léonie writes about her experiences of love and life.

On the first track ‘Communication’, it was written about the early miscommunications in a relationship. “It’s about the walls we build in our intimate relationships. I almost threw away a great relationship just for a misunderstanding. Why not just communicate? Say things when we want/ need to.” Whilst the second single ‘Sunday’ is about coming back down to earth after a night out. “On Saturday nights when you’re letting yourself go at a party, everything looks so simple but the morning after, the fear sets in and you regret how you behaved the night before.” Across the entirety of the EP the artist explores themes of self-observation and soul-searching as she navigates through the journey of growing up. “Putting this EP out is very cathartic for me, it feels like closing one chapter and moving onto the next.”

Growing up in an artistic family, she built the foundations of her craft very early on by picking up the violin, taking singing lessons and learning to paint. Little did she know those three assets would lead to the wonderful journey she’s now on and it’s a constant voyage of discovery as she grows with each organic output. With only two singles she has managed to create a worldwide community from scratch, generating almost 4.5 million streams within a year and a half on streaming services, performed a few shows in France and collaborated with two very successful and sought-after producers. The future is very bright for this young polymath.

Photos by @segraphy