Let me be your swimming pool

Introducing fashion designer Janine Staehlin with an exclusive fashion editorial. Photography by Yanick Monteiro. Model is Lea Krummenacher signed at Visage Models Zurich.

“I am a recently graduated fashion designer living in Lucerne, Switzerland. I neither have a brand nor am I selling clothes. My aim is to take root more in art  than in fashion by creating costumes or outfits for photography, video, performance or installation. What I wish to reach the most with my creations is to touch the people´s innermost minds by transmitting emotions and stories.
My work is dedicated to pure sublime beauty and fearless vulnerability. People often tend to disguise their sensitivity owing to shame and fear.
Clothes either cover and hide or reveal and show. In this sense I like to play with these opposite functions by using and combining different materials such as judo fabric, latex and semi-transperent cotton or silk. For the current project I work with vintage pieces out of the army and workwear wardrobe as well as with vintage fur accessories and bridal dresses.”

Creative Direction & Fashion Art by Janine Staehlin / www.janinestaehlin.com / Instagram: @janinestaehlin
Photography by Yanick Monteiro / www.yuniquemonteiro.com / Instagram: @yunique.monteiro
Model is Lea Krummenacher signed at Visage Models Zurich / Instagram: @visagemodelszurich