Let The Future Be Human

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Let The Future Be Human – effect of collaboration between Kaśka Jankiewicz (photographer) and Kai Gerhardt (designer). This collection examines the traditional garment as a point of access for people to feel connected. Kai Gerhardt explores this commonality through various cultural clothing silhouettes that are rendered in complementary fabrics. The resulting interplay of styles and ease of combinations demonstrate the possibility that something new can be found outside of one singular category. Gerhardt invites the wearer to honor the traditional while looking toward an inclusive modernity.

Kaśka Jankiewicz: “My idea for this session was to organise it to look like reportage photography: using the home/studio untidiness, strong flash light and letting models try to tell their own stories in between.
However this method is used as starting point to bring images being parallel in proto-renaissance art and its realism. The perfect stillness of a moment captured in a single frame, random yet carefully selected due to its figurative symbolism. This coincidence of two different realities allows the poses to announce the mysticism of prosaic situations and reveal its true meaning only to the very attentive observer.”

Kai Gerhardt: “The name of the collection is also its message.

It is time to stop filing people into categories. These groups are made on the assumption they provide safety and protection. But if we stop creating these separations, if we instead think only of the group “human”, then we can begin a new chapter for the future where we see ourselves and others as what we are: human beings. From this understanding, we will find a truly interpersonal way to encounter one another on equal ground.”

Photographer Kaśka Jankiewicz / www.kaskajankiewicz.com / Instagram: @kaskajankiewicz
Fashion designer Kai Gerhardt / www.kaigerhardt.com / Instagram: @kaigerhardt_official
Make up by Lea Komminoth / www.leakomminoth.com / Instagram: @lea.komminoth.mua
Style by Miyako / Instagram: @miyako
Lorenzo Savino / Instagram: @laurentsavino
Anna Miau / Instagram: @annamiau_ceramics
Jorge De Hoyos / Instagram: @jorge_rodolfo_de_hoyos_jr
Jason Corff / Instagram: @apingthehabit
Louissa Subiyakto / Instagram: @louisakila
Daniel Lee Thompson / Instagram: @delta_lambda_tau
Chidinma Kocher / Instagram: @chidinmakocher signed at Let it go Management / Instagram: @Letitgomgmt