Levi’s® Reignites the Spirit of the ‘70s LGBTQIA+ Rodeo Scene with Its Dazzling Pride 2024 Collection

This Pride season, Levi’s® invites you to revel in the radiant world of queer joy and unabashed self-expression, drawing fervent inspiration from the vibrant LGBTQIA+ rodeo culture stretching from the dusty ‘70s arenas of Nevada right up to today’s celebration of diversity. The Pride 2024 collection is not just apparel; it’s a narrative of bold colours and even bolder hearts, articulated by the voices of the Pride 2024 icons.

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A return to its roots, Western wear flows through the veins of the Levi’s® brand, yet the Pride 2024 collection is all about remixing the traditional. Think vintage vibes meet modern glam: rhinestones sparkle, copper threads catch the sunlight, and gold-coated denim stands defiant. A sartorial lineup boasting the Cinched Shortstack Tee, Cropped Muscle Tank, and the eye-catching Liberation Western Trucker alongside a Patchwork Vest, all enlivened with rainbow hues and Western-inspired embroidery, crafts a rodeo aesthetic that’s as enchanting as it is empowering.

Gracing the campaign, a cadre of queer luminaries, including masked country crooner Orville Peck and boundary-pushing drag queen Violet Chachki, alongside talents like makeup artist and model Mattise Andrews, musician and creative Bronze Avery, beauty photographer Paris Helena Elyte, and the dance-groundbreaking duo from Stud Country, Bailey Salisbury and Sean Monaghan.

Levi’s® long-standing commitment to LGBTQIA+ rights is woven deeply into its history—from its early participation in San Francisco Pride Parades to its staunch advocacy for the Equality Act. Decades have seen Levi’s 501® jeans donned as emblems of protest, unity, and self-expression. In continuing this tradition, Levi’s® is proud to announce a donation of $100,000 to Outright International, championing human rights for LGBTQIA+ communities globally.

Embrace the allure of the past while making a bold statement for the future. The Levi’s® Pride 2024 collection, a treasure trove of queer expression and joy, awaits at Levi.com and select stores, ready to be made all your own.