L’Hommage A Claude

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Lukas Wiegand. Model is Daniel Bilinski. The idea for the project „L’HOMMAGE A CLAUDE“ is from Fashion Designer and Stylist Vera Witthaut.
 Vera runs her own agency, called BLKAGENCY in Duesseldorf, Germany. Fashion, music, beauty, performance, art and light are where she’s most alive.

Getting inspired by uncompromising artists and people of different kinds, fashion was always her way of expression and a mirror reflecting herself and the world around her.

Working between Germany, South Africa and London Vera collaborated with a number of renowned photographers. The work with various characters is what pushes her onwards and stimulates her ideas. In her projects, the concept is often shaped by the characteristics of the models – what makes them different and unique.  For Vera, there is nothing worse than uniformity in style.

Dignity is unimpeachable – so Uniqueness is.

„Under this mask, another mask; I will never finish removing all these faces.“


This series of images is inspired by the French photographer, sculptor and writer Claude Cahun.  Cahun’s work was about the variety of personas, identity, gender and subconsciousness.

Including new objectivity in pictures, but also keeping a touch of the surrealism was one of the most important aspects during shooting the photos.
Showing the multifaceted nature of a man wearing women’s clothes is below the line nothing less than emancipation on individuals.

„Masculine? Feminine? It depends on the situation. Neuter is the only gender that suits me“ – Claude Cahun –

Photography by Lukas Wiegand / www.wgnd.org / Instagram: @lukaswiegand
Concept & Head Stylist Vera Witthaut / www.verawitthaut.com / Instagram: @verawitthaut_official
Model is Daniel Bilinski / Instagram: @danskibilinski
Hair & Make-Up by Jennifer Hecht / www.jh-artistry.com / Instagram: @jenni.hecht
Junior Fashion Stylist Marina Stefan / Instagram: @mariiistefan
DoP Amir Ouadahi / www.paintthetown.de / Instagram: @amiroua
Creative Director Marina Nolte / www.blkagency.com / Instagram: @alice_is_marina
Agency BLKAGENCY / www.blkagency.com / Instagram: @blkagency

The BLKAGENCY is based in a cool Backyard in Duesseldorf Flingern. In collaboration with photographer Lukas Wiegand and DoP Amir Ouadahi (Paint the town studios) who are both located in the same backyard „L’HOMMAGE A CLAUDE“ was produced in their own studio.

“We love to work with each other and collaborate on many projects. We’re a crowd of creatives, each with another profession, but all with passion. We’re performing in Creation, Preproduction, Production and Post Production for Film & Photography.
There’s one characteristic, which you should know about us:
We don’t ask each other to check our personality at the door.
 We’re free to challenge each other. Never personal, always for the result.

It makes our values —passion, agility, respect— more than just words. We embrace diversity. It fuels our culture and enhances our work. By having fun we end up doing more good stuff.”