Listen to new album ‘Collect’ by 18+

18+ are back with an even heavier mix of raw, sexualised lyrics, looped over melancholic synths and dial tones. ‘Collect’ is the duo’s second full length album, recorded from opposite sides of the planet between Justin & Samia’s respective Berlin & Honolulu residences. As the two bluntly put it, “A collect phone call is a form of communication based on the understanding that the receiver pays the cost of the message sent. A collection agency buys debt at a fraction of its balance based on the reduced likeliness of the debt being recouped. To collect is to gather, to source and to inventory.” ‘Collect’ is out today on 2xLP vinyl or CD via Houndstooth, you can get your taster below.

18+ has been operating anonymously since 2011. Evolving throughout several media, 18+ creates music and visuals made from their own productions and appropriated material. 18+ is instinctive, inclusive and expansive. Absorbing content from people, companies and avatars, 18+ combines and redistributes the work into their own, regardless of the platform. 18+ exists somewhere between museums, nightclubs and the internet.

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Get ‘Collect’ now via Houndstooth
18+ collect album cover

Mon 23 May Le Pop Up du Label, Paris
Tue 24 May Milla Club, Munich
Wed 25 May Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg
Thu 26 May Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg
Fri 27 May Roxy Club, Cologne
Sat 28 May DOK, Gent