Jason Galvin is a queer non-binary freelance photographer & filmmaker originally from San Francisco. They were living in London and Europe for the past 4 years freelancing and then finished their bachelor this year in filmmaking at Met Film School in West London. Their drive as a multimedia artist is to lift up other queer artists and marginalized people and help share their stories authentically. The model is Mukeni Nel.
“This project, in particular, is the beginning of a journal I created about fellow artists and friends creating – or rather unfortunately not being able to create during the pandemic and the harsh lockdowns affecting all of the creative industries. I was able to meet with Keni ( my friend portrayed in the photos), in December when we had a brief lift of the lockdown and we caught up on his travels throughout the Asian Pacific on tour with Cats from 2019-2020. He is also a multidisciplinary artist who has a lot of history in dance and choreography, but has since been taking more acting roles in theatre and short films as well as getting recognized in fashion. He is wonderfully talented and a powerful queer voice of generation Z.”
“I met Keni in late 2018 around the holidays on a date. He is a dancer, actor & choreographer. He had been traveling throughout 2019 from China, Manila, and Singapore for Cats, and then the pandemic hit. We finally met after all this time and caught up on his adventures. He is now working for a theatre company on the west end. His beauty and charisma reveal his spirit for life and I really admire that.”
Instagram:  @jasonptrk
Model is Mukeni Nel
Instagram: @mukeninel