A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Serge Bazilic. Model is Dmitrii Ivasenko. Styling by Oxana Mankevich. Hair done by Oksana Mirvoda. Fashion by Jean Gritsfeldt, ManKevich, Pierre Chique, Gunia project and Tom Ford.

“I’m a fashion and portrait photographer currently based in Kyiv, Ukraine. I have over 50 publications in international fashion magazines all over the world including 7 covers. Finally, I’m a person who is constantly thinking about new projects and ideas. and trying to study something new.” *Serge Bazilic

Photography by Serge Bazilic / Instagram: @sergebazilic
Model is Dmitrii Ivasenko / Instagram: @dmtivasenko
Style: Oxana Mankevich / Instagram: @oxana_mankevich
Hair: Oksana Mirvoda / Instagram: @oksana_mirvoda
MUA: Veronika Brezhneva / Instagram: @makeupartistveronika

Fashion Brands used are:

Jean Gritsfeldt @jeangritsfeldt.world / ManKevich @be_mankevich / Pierre Chique @pierre_chique / Gunia project @gunia_project / Tom Ford @tomford