Looking for Free Stock music for your YouTube Channel? Here is the List

The age of video content is here. According to stats, 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, or one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second. For brands and businesses, videos offer a unique way to engage users with 51.9% of marketing professionals naming video as the type of content with the best ROI.

The reason is simple; consumers love videos! Not surprisingly then, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and the most visited site after Google and Facebook. 

But here’s the catch. A great video is not enough to captivate your audience. You also need some relevant background music in your videos for users to truly enjoy your content. Unfortunately, you cannot just pick up any track by any artist and use it to enhance your videos. 

YouTube does not allow that. 

You need to have a copyright or proper written permission for the music you use, or else, you may be forced to remove your video from the site. Of course, there are other alternatives such as the below websites that offer royalty free music for YouTube videos:

1. Motion Array

Music is as integral to a scene as visuals are, and Motion Array provides one of the best collections of royalty-free stock music to enhance your YouTube videos effortlessly.

Why Use Motion Array?

  • Get thousands of royalty-free stock music tracks from a wide variety of styles and genres.
  • Use your downloaded music tracks an unlimited number of times for both personal and commercial videos (as long as you have an active membership).
  • Sort music according to mood, genre, theme, or effect to find premium-quality music that fits your videos perfectly.
  • You can also search for music by adding beats per minute and the duration of the clip required into the search filters.
  • Motion Array also offers free sound effects, motion graphic templates, and other free stuff to enhance the quality of your YouTube videos.

2. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube’s official audio library is one of the obvious choices for video makers looking for free music to add to their videos. 

Why Use YouTube Audio Library?

  • An intuitive interface that lets you divide music by length, style, genre, etc.
  • Hundreds of royalty-free music clips, tracks, and sound effects that can be added directly to your videos on YouTube, or downloaded to use in a different project.
  • Most clips do not require attribution, but some do. Make sure you credit the artist in your video description if attribution is required.

3. Free Stock Music

The name says it all. Free Stock Music is one of the top sites that offer royalty-free music across genres. 

Why Use Free Stock Music?

  • Find tons of sound clips and free music tracks across popular genres.
  • Easy to use website with free music that can be used for commercial purposes without any obligation to give credit.

4. Looperman

Looperman is a community of more than 2 million artists who regularly upload free to use loops, samples, and music tracks on the website that you can use to enhance your YouTube videos.

Why Use Looperman?

  • Find loops, sounds, and samples across multiple genres to use in your YouTube videos.
  • Music is distributed over 60 genres including electronic, hip-hop, blues, house, RnB, acoustic, and rock.
  • All the loops available on the website are royalty-free to use for commercial purposes.

5. Incompetech

Incompetech was founded by Kelvin Macleod about a decade ago and continues to provide free music for commercial and non-commercial projects. 

Why Use Incompetech?

  • Wide collection of background music across genres that can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects.
  • Songs can be used for YouTube videos, video games, presentations, and other online or offline commercial projects.
  • Attribution to the owner is required if you do not wish to buy the license.

Tips for Using Royalty Free Music

Now that you are ready to search royalty free music for YouTube videos, here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing what music to use in your videos:

  • Pay attention to the license terms on the website from which you are downloading music.
  • Don’t forget to check whether the content requires attribution or not.
  • Even if no attribution is required, it doesn’t hurt to give credit to the original artist to show your appreciation for their work.

As you would agree, adding music and sound effects to your videos can significantly boost the quality of your content. At Motion Array, you will find thousands of royalty-free songs that are constantly updated and can be used to empower your YouTube videos and other projects for free. In addition to the above links, you can also browse some other resources such as Sound Gator, TeknoAxe, and Audionautix that feature some decent music for your videos.