Love CARAVAGGIO by Christian Holthausen

Christian Holthausen is a photographer based in Düsseldorf, Germnay. The series “LOVE CARAVAGGIO” was created in his studio. Holthausen and fashion stylist Andrès Megia from Spain had the idea for a collaboration and Andrés the idea of ​​making a series inspired by the works of the Italian Renessaince painter Caravaggio. The play with light and shadow and the romanticized look appealed to both of them. Model is Konstantin Resch.

Photograph by Christian Holthausen
Instagram: @christianholthausenmalephoto

Model is Konstantin Resch signed at Place Models
Stylist is Andrés Megia
Instagram: @andres_megia
Wardrobe by Stewardess Vintage Couture
Instagram: @stewardress

Brands are Burberry, Maison Margiela, Esprit, Guy Lab, Fila, Pierre Cardin Vintage, Diktat, Selected, Yamamoto, Drykorn, Essential Antwerp, Cinque, Yves Saint Laurent