Lula Laora Spring/Summer 2023

Born from the creative mind of London-based designer Lula Laura Velasco and fuelled by her unique approach to bringing stories and fantasy to life, Lula Laora is a brand that explores life’s eccentricities and encourages you to embrace your own. Lula Laora presented its Spring/Summer 2023 collection titled “Motocross” during London Fashion Week.

The newest collection fully immerses you into the world of extreme sports, born from Lula’s fascination for thrill-seeking. Inspired by motocross, vintage fashion, ’90s cinema and gaming, this collection will get your blood pumping.

With magic, self-expression and sustainability at its core, Lula Laora is made to be worn as a second skin, an extension of yourself and an exploration of your darkest fantasies and desires.