Lulu ChouChou: The cheeky adventures of a naïve superheroine

Lulu ChouChou is a fictional character whose face and persona are embodied by Letizia Iman Scalco, who is caught by the snoopy and curious vision of Andrea Dal Martello’s photos and videos. Lulu ChouChou is the contemporary incarnation of a true and free femininity, sometimes trivial sometimes sophisticated. She has roots in the country but lives in the city, where her erotic power becomes a destabilising element against metropolitan brutality.

“Lulu embodies a genuine, sincere and fulfilling sexuality that’s in contrast with the frigid and neurotic idea of sex that is ubiquitous todays, totally deprived of its most vital qualities. Inspired by a common passion for the female protagonists of Tinto Brass’ filmography, Russ Meyer’s heroines and the erotic imagination of the 70’s, Andrea and Letizia have shaped a project that is reported through multiple media forms such as the immediacy of an instagram profile, fashion editorials, comics and the lo-fi taste of self produced videos.”

“This series of photographic collages had a troubled birth, at its very beginning this project consisted of a series of photographs we took in a district of Milan. The series was unfortunately sued because the residents considered it offensive and detrimental for the image of the district… So we decided to create collages replacing the backgrounds with dystopian architecture.”

Photography by Andrea Dal Martello
Styling by Marco Salcini with clothes designed by Orlando Masiero
Make up / Hair style by  Amedeo Marcolungo
Lulu is played by Letizia Iman Scalco



Instagram: @luluchouchou