LUNCH Concept – New Collection

With a strong focus on editorial content, LUNCH CONCEPT’s sustainable credentials aren’t the only reason to make it a uniquely modern proposition. Showcasing a curated selection of 32 independent designers, there’s something on the menu for everyone. | @lunchconceptstore

LUNCH represents designers from Berlin and Stockholm to New York and Melbourne, uniting designers who work made-to-order or through the small-batch, ethical production. An exclusive stockist of Christopher Reid’s genderqueer corsets and upcoming Emma Gudmudson’s intricately knitted and woven bags.

Clothing isn’t the only LUNCH being served. Jewellery designer Karina creates geometric interlocking rings using recycled sterling silver scraps, Ruth Leslie produced intricately twisted LUNCH hoops exclusively for the store, and Isla Gilham’s peach collection features gemstones so delicious someone quite literally took a bite out of them.

LUNCH aims to be as transparent as possible, building a responsible supply chain from maker to consumer and offering our customers a one-stop shop to shop sustainably. This transpires through packaging, which is repurposed and recycled, and the weekly journal offering customers insight into the designers processes and techniques.

Founders Bethany Grace and Tamara Turnbull are the creative team behind LUNCH, art directing, styling and photographing weekly journals and all e-commerce content entirely themselves. “The intention of the platform was to develop an accessible online art gallery but for clothing and accessories. This meant casting would be instrumental to us as a young company, we want to showcase representation, on a variety of genders, shapes and heights.” | @lunchconceptstore