Male Pipedream – Issue 0

The Pineapple Blog was formed in 2016 with the aim to be an inspirational platform for photographers and artists who are committed with male erotic. At the same time this is a site for young talents and professional artists who would like to prove their talent and show their works. Pineapple blog is based in Europe, but the contributors are around the word, like USA, Germany, Thailand, Sweeden, Italy, China, Brazil, Canada… The Pineapple Blog has publish their first online free issue about gay art and male photography, “Male Pipedream – Issue 0“!

anonymus, cover

“It will contain the best pictures of our blog so far and new, exclusive series too. I am sending a preview pdf of it, you might interested to share with your readers. Our Issue Zero will be a free dwonloadable pdf. 129 pages and over 30 artists work, more than 120 pictures. It will contains exclusive interview with Ian Jacob, Michael J. Hildebrand and Florian Tenk.”

Jean C. Puerto Cascarano /
Sasha Kargaltsev /
Sasha Mihailnow /
Ian Jacob /
Ian Jacob /
Michael J. Hildebrand /
Kinky needles /
Vilela Valenin /
Daniel Fuchs /
A.R.&N.M. /
Dustypink /
Florian Tenk /

Photographers and  artists:

Alexander Kargaltsev, Andre Levy, Alexandre Borba, BJ&Park, Christian Deltoro, Daniel Fuchs, Dustypink, Felipe Chavez, Florian Tenk, Jean C. Puerto Cascarano, Ian Jacob, Janssem Cardoso, Jonathan Lemieux, Kinky Needles, Pretty Vacat Boys, Sasha Mihailnow, Rainbow Tay, Ngnoatto, Michael J. Hildebrand, Vilela Valentin and many more…

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