MANTRA – Projections of a maniac and dysmorphic obsessions

Mantra, is the second part of Anhedonia, a multidisciplinary project: The development of every single piece was guided by a very conscious and dedicated study performed by a psychologist and his/her team, who assisted in the creation of a special method for their patients to express their feelings through their very own particular creations, patients with an eating disorder (anorexia and bulimia) and depressive disorder. These emotions are the main inspiration for the tangible narration we can feel in each one of their works, which turns this second part of Anhedonia into strong somatization and the evidence of an unstable emotional reality.

The unstable emotional reality pushes the repressed feelings, driving them into an intense clash of thoughts, where the purge comes out as the image of resistance to face the dogma and the social oppression; control then evolves into a new face of destruction by including and beautifying the starvation as the glorification of their own annihilation.

The no regulation state stimulates a strong, almost delusional desire for perfection by showing a loop that goes from somatic to psychic dimensions; flogging (flagellation), fear, addiction, aggression, and/or weakening as a way for purge and personal satisfaction.

The corpse falls into a catharsis, tearing the skin apart and adapting it to our bare bones in order to sedate the asthenia. Cold starts its domination, disturbing the continuous hard regular body.

Artist Luis Pino says, “I’m from Chile. I create a  multidisciplinary project “psychology, art and design”, explores the tireless search of a new language, in the hope of this being capable of interpreting each of the emotional complexities that the main characters from his narrations go through; by creating from the transformation and translation of elements that produce new endless possibilities of adjustment to the body, originating a story from the investiture, allowing the human being to mould his own living from the very emotions and gestures.

Translation of mental illnesses, and being able to visualize them through design projects, creating a manifesto from the unveiling of emotions and feelings through the tangible in body coating.

However, this one and many other affections directly related to the psyche are generally ignored and underestimated by the common citizen. This is the main reason for this work, to show this to a society that very often just looks to the emptiness and ignores a reality that lives in the shadows because of its own nature.”

Luis Pino @luisf_pino
Photography by Javiera Eyzaguirre / Instagram: @javieyzaguirre @estudiofe
Retouch photo by Dafne Carvajal / Instagram: @pafcarvajal
Styling & art production by Mima Zamall / Instagram: @mimazamall
Models : Violeta Rodó / Instagram: @violeta_rodo – Enzo Villalon / Instagram: @enzovillalon_ – Erly Augustin / Instagram: @erlande_augustin_ – Rachel / Instagram: @dec.coldmoon – Genaro Spoerer / Instagram: @re_genarao
Make up by Cote Jorquera / Instagram: @cotejorquera_
Style Hair by Cami Luna / Instagram: @cami_lunnna
Steel Sculpture by Macarena Cuevas / Instagram: @m.ccsss