MANU – a contemporary perspective on the search for identity amongst young adults.

Producer Jasper van Buren (Dutch Filmers Academy graduate) is proud to announce the opening of the film ‘MANU’, an experimental drama exploring the problem of an identity crisis as a result of trauma. 

MANU is a film in which feelings of love and loneliness are central. The main character’s quest toward self-recognition is explored as the scars of trauma are fought upon. In Manu’s case, the lack of reflection leads to self-destruction. The story is inspired by the Greek mythology of manic love (“Mania”) and the mythical story of Narcissus.

In today’s society, it is increasingly difficult to stay close to yourself. Young adults are in a constant search for who they are in relation to who they think they should be. A problem that is particularly present and persistent when trauma is involved.

Being both familiar with the quest towards self, this debut film of directors duo Kuyvenhoven & Delfos is a compelling audiovisual story that touches upon one of the main psychosocial problems within our society. Brought in an uncensored manner and with an eye for detail, MANU’s aim is to raise awareness for identity problems amongst a widespread audience of (young) adults.

About the makers

Miles Delfos (24y, he/him) and Martijn Kuyvenhoven (24y, he/him) are two self-taught Dutch filmmakers who have both gained their visual perspectives from fashion backgrounds and are now integrating their views within a more socially focused scope. While building a strong friendship during their college years in Amsterdam, the duo organically developed a strong curiosity toward deeper self-examination. What is authenticity? How is identity shaped? What moves us to create? These are the philosophical topics that are explored through the work of these two upcoming makers.

Martijn comes from a family where emotions were, in opposition to the zeitgeist he grew up in, a welcome topic. Becoming highly aware of the cause and effect of life experiences. Miles is creative in his nature, reaching for meaningful results in everything he does. As a conceptual centipede, he has a multi-faceted approach when building the core pillars of a storyline. Together, they are combining their educational skills and vision of life into visual pieces that provoke discussion about the stigmas, ideas, and issues of today’s and tomorrow’s society.

A film by Jasper van Buren / Instagram: no Instagram
Directed by Miles Delfos and Martijn Kuyvenhoven / Instagram: @milesmaar @martijnkuyvenhoven
Production by Jasper van Buren / Instagram: no Instagram
Actors are Benjamin Samsodien & Niké Huiberts / Instagram: @b.samsodien @nikedanae
Director of photography by Nino Kennis / Instagram: @ninokennis
The first AD is Stephen Buitelaar / @stejikino
Intimacy Coördination by Zarah Bracht / Instagram:
Art direction by Cara Brock / Instagram: @carabrock_
Make up by Rehab Gharib & Teunie Praamstra / Instagram @rg__mua @teuniemuah
1st AC are Chris Snijders, Leon van Engelen and Bart Vijfhuizen / Instagram: @chrisksnijders @leon_van_engelen @bart_vijfhuizen
2nd AC is Mika de Wit / Instagram: @mikatjuhh
Lighting by Bram van der Giessen / Instagram: @b_munnss
Best Boys are Jurriaan Naring and Mark Speelman / Instagram: @jurgenv_
The lighting technician is Sjoerd Provily / Instagram: @sjoerdprovily
Edit by Jasper van Buren / Instagram: no Instagram
Poem by Noëlle Zargez / Instagram: @noellez_94
Soundscape by JEANS / Instagram: @jeans_audio
Sounddesign by Jasper van Buren / Instagram: no Instagram
Audio post by Casper Cobra / Instagram:@
Colour grading by EMG Nederland / Instagram: @emg_nl
Title design by Hidde Koeslag / Instagram: @hidde_koeslag
Copywriting by Brent van den Elshout / Instagram: @brentjacko
Catering by Lisa van Leeuwen
Production assistance by Gijs de Vriend and Maurits van Buren
Supporting actors are Alejandro Dominguez, Bobby Kenninck, Rosa Smits, Esmée van der Heijden, Mei-lin Oomes, Sem Koster and Paula Gomez / Instagram: @__boobytrap @rosasmits @meilinooo @se.mkoster @paulag.mur

Location support by Garage Noord, Lofi Amsterdam, Wibar Leiden, Kalle Verhage and PIP Den Haag / Instagram: @garagenoord @wibar_leiden @kalleverhage @pipdenhaag

Fashion Brands used are: Ninamounah, Thierry Mugler, Justine Clenquet, Karl Lagerfeld & Vintage

Instagram name of each brand: @ninamounah @thierrymugler_archives @justineclenquet @karllagerfeld