Marie Weikopf – An Interview

Marie Weikopf is a Franco-German photographer currently based in Berlin. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design & Photography, she has been working in Paris, Capetown and South Asia. Her work is a mix of personal journals and fashion photography, music, anything that inspires her.


KALTBLUT: What kind of things do you like to capture for your journal ?

Marie: I always tell myself again and again (even if it sounds cheesy at first) how important it is to live in the moment attentively and to enjoy it, even if it´s maybe a strange or supposed boring one. I think photography is kind of serving this need and one more: Because on the other hand I am a quite nostalgic person. There is a lot of looking back, as a part of processing things.
My photographic journal helps me to capture and to relive a private moment, an atmosphere, and hopefully even a sense of life and of time.

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KALTBLUT: Are there some artists you admire?

Marie: There are many photographers I really appreciate for different reasons. Some are Jeff Wall, Tobias Zielony, Roby Rodriguez, Pari Dukovic, William Eggleston, Eddie O´Keefe.


KALTBLUT: How do your surroundings influence your work?

Marie: My work is strongly influenced by my relationships. Mainly the ones to my dearly beloved close friends, brother and mother, but also to the places around me, like my current home – Berlin.


KALTBLUT: Whats your plans for the future according your work?

Marie: I wanna continue shooting what appeals to me and shooting on film, trying not get my personal work under the influencing pressure of trying to make a living of it.
But I also love working in music and fashion photography, that´s why I´m currently also focusing on exploring new exciting projects.

Interview by Emma E. K. Jones

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