MARRKNULL Spring/Summer 2022

MARRKNULL continues their attempt to break the inherent thinking of fashion. For the Spring & Summer 2022 collection Tim and Wei combine swimming elements with clothing. The duo created new possibilities in everyday wear and creating a new female image.

From the pool to the shore, people’s different states during swimming are all integrated into the design. This can be seen by using the swimming ring to the shower head. MARRKNULL have taken on a new look in the context of fashion. Lastly, Tim and Wei for this collection have also included a new interpretation of the traditional swimming gear such as the nose plug, earplug enhancing the equipment into jewelry.

The inspiration is people bringing the natural scenery into the scope of enjoyment. In the post pandemic era, we are all starting to re-think the value of life. As the lines between the virtual and reality have become increasingly blurred, MARRKNULL bring us back to the days by the water and sea, where we all have fond memories of laughter and fun.

Styling: Jamie-Maree Shipton
Executive Assistant: Yawen
Junior Assistant: Ricky
Show Director: Amy Chan Y.W.
Make-up: Valentina Li @Visuelle
Hair: WeiJun Lou
Music: Lick
Casting: Moy @Sparrow, Production: Li Xiao @Sparrow, Cara @Liedown
Photography: Jia Cheng
Video Diector: Haishen Team
Accessory Collaborate: Yvmin
Soft People Area
Press: Dia & Autrement PR