MASK – How do we like to be observed?

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Barcelona. Photography by David S. Cardona. Model is Zerek Green. Makeup by Julieta Fernandez Perez. “The photos were taken with an incredible team and with a very important background, far from fashion, the “MASK” project is a story of emotions materialized through artists and their individual vision to carry out a collective concept.” *David S. Cardona

“Life is a constant performance, we are obliged to continuity and the few glimpses of control we have is how we like to be seen as we face continuing in a world that many times is not what we were promised”

“In this first make-up we wanted to materialize the concept of performing joy and strength. To give it continuity, we might materialize a transitional style, that place of limbo in which we often find ourselves.

To finalize the emotional transition we decided to make a makeup which could demonstrate the emotion opposed to the force, pain and vulnerability is something as important as its opposite.

Appearing well takes a lot of effort.”

Model: Zerek Green / instagram: @zergreen
Mua: Julieta Fernandez Perez / Instagram: @juliettedanslarue
Photographer: David S. Cardona / instagram: @dacefer