Mavericks by Olesya Parfenyuk

In her work, the visual artist Olesya Parfenyuk aims to transmit a certain ethereal atmosphere by creating sets and characters expanding beyond realism. Driven by her personal interest in history, the photo story titled “Mavericks” takes place at a breathtaking villa in Vienna, designed and built by the renowned Jugendstil architect Otto Wagner in 1888, which served later on as a studio to a great Austrian artist Ernst Fuchs. The editorial invites the viewer to join a world of its own, where the mythical and spiritual world of Fuchs imagery collides with nostalgic fashion underlined with modern playfulness.

Photography and Styling by
Olesya Parfenyuk
Instagram: @olesyaparfenyuk
Model is David William Walker / Instagram: @davidwilliamwalker
Model is Mael Blau signed at Stella Models / Instagram: @mael.blau @stellamodels
Hair & Make-Up by Sarah Bzoch signed at Fame Agency
Instagram: @sarah.bzoch @fame_agency_munich

Brands are Christian Dior, Moschino, Drykorn, Meindl

Ernst Fuchs Museum / / @ernstfuchsmuseum