Maxime Ballesteros – Editor’s Pick

Maxime Ballesteros is a Berlin based photographer. He was born in Lyon, france, and his photos have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in France, USA, Belgium, Russia, Germany, Great Britain and Denmark. He captures fetishism, sex, parties, and makes use of provocative combinations of high heels, stockings, leather and latex. In an interview with Sang Bleu about his work he said: “As for the sexual part, I think it’s what we remember because it’s secretly what’s driving us the most? My work is really about questioning and interpreting our reality, our time, the world and life we try to create and are destructing. And sexuality definitely plays a key role in it.” Here’s my pick of his work.

23_the bright light, Vegas maxime_1026_770_resize_90_mini,
20_in front of the mirror maxime_1026_770_resize_90_mini,
19_Ford in the garden, Sunburst, MT maxime_1026_770_resize_90_mini,
16_le cul dans le raisin, Condrieu maxime_1026_770_resize_90_mini,
3_the house of fun, Morro Bay maxime_1026_770_resize_90_mini