Mayofree and Chiviskella presents Trash Camo

Creative team Mayofree and Upcycle-designer Chiviskella raise awareness about the forest pollution: Artists launched fashion collection in which they reinvented popular camo pattern by adding litter in it to make it more relevant. They want to draw attention to the problem and raise money for donation to non-profit environmental organisations. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

In times of lockdown, lots of people couldn’t travel. So they went to the nearest countryside for picnics. As a results forests that were already polluted turned into landfills. That’s why it is about time to launch such a collection, – say members of the team. To promote the collection artists launched an ironic ad campaign, that was inspired by Russian action-movies of the 2000s and kitsch Youtube hunting vlogs. In the video, a group of hipsters goes into the woods to hunt, but their prey is litter left after picnics. For the photoshoot models posed with their trophies, laying out different compositions as hunters usually do.

Idea and pattern – Mayofree @mayofree_ru
Design – Chiveskella @chiveskella
Photographer – Alex Bronshtein @artbronshtein
Models – Valentin Volkov @valphorie_giver Alisa @princessgvanse
Dasha @bbanditsdaughter

Video credits:

Director: Alex Bronshtein @artbronshtein Liudmila Kulibaba @milamonkey
DOP: Arsen Sarkisyan @arssarkisyan
Stage designer: Roman Vydashenko @kxpxshnoy
Film crew chief: Ivan More @ivan_more_iphone
Producers: Roman Vydashenko @kxpxshnoy Veronica Monogarova
Drone: Anton Mislavsky @mislavsky
Editor: Ivan Dorogavtsev @dorogavtsevivan
Colour: Vladimir Mo
Music: @celles7e
Sound design: Arthur Gabrielyan
Clean up: Andrew Cobzar’
Mask: @pasha_valera

Models: Dmitry Melnichuk @grnngn_
Nikolay Voznesensky @chiveskella
Polina Smirnova @privpolin
Ali Polenov @mr.polen4ik
Oleg Yudin

Style: Tasha Nazarenko @tashabezuma Evgeniya Raskina @jane.raskina
Mua: Nastya Tenderova @tenderova Polina Likhacheva @kurilkakurilkina