Me by Taya Jevtic

A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial. Photography by Taya Jevtic. Model is Dana Herfurth signed at Agentur Hobrig. Styling by Diego Martinez. Make-up & hair by Rafa Delgado. Fashion by Anastasia Bogonos, Judith Bondy, Diego Martinez, Laurin Schuler, Remesalt, Bebo, Zara, Asos and Even & Odd.

“Hello! My name is Taya Jevtic, I’m a graphic designer & photographer from Russia, last 4 years I’m based in Berlin. I’ve been doing photography for about 9 years, but only in 2021 I discovered a passion for fashion photography.

Here is one of the latest projects, where I talk about social expectations and real us, how many-sided one person can be and how society puts us in a certain frame. Or maybe you’ll see something different in these photos, it’s up to you.”

Photography by Taya Jevtic / Instagram: @tayajevtic
Model is Dana Herfurth signed at Agentur Hobrig / Instagram: @danaherfurth
Styling by Diego Martinez / Instagram: @realmr.diego
Make-up & hair by Rafa Delgado / Instagram:

Brands used are:
Anastasia Bogonos @anastasiabogonos / Judith Bondy @judithbondy / Diego Martinez @realmr.diego / Laurin Schuler @laurinschuler / Remesalt @remesalt / Bebo / Zara @zara / Asos @asos / Even&Odd @evenandodd_official