Me está creciendo el pelo (my hair is growing)

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Fashion Design, Creative Direction & Styling by Jaime Remírez de Ganuza. photography by María Margo. Video by Maria Grau Piqué. Music by ScummV. 

“My name is Jaime Remírez de Ganuza, and I am a creative director and fashion designer based in Madrid focused on concept development and its materialization, as well as art direction, audiovisual productions and communication projects.

I have a huge interest and growing knowledge in art, culture, fashion and design, and their respective applications on our current society as well as their influence on different communities and minorities.

All the garments that appear on this editorial and lookbook have been designed, produced and styled by me (Jaime) as they are part of my Final Studies Project named “me está creciendo el pelo” (my hair is growing). This project is based on the idea of creating a fashion collection which allowed the user to experiment with their gender. I designed and produced a collection of multifunctional and adjustable garments that may be used as tools in order to create a self-examination space in which we can rethink and redesign our relationship between identity, gender and fashion, just as I have been doing recently in my life as part of my personal development and growth. That is why this project is so important to me and to all the team involved.”

Fashion Design, Creative Direction & Styling by Jaime Remírez de Ganuza / / Instagram: @madeinjaime
Photography & Edition: María Margo / Instagram: @mari.a.margo
Photography Assistant: Lara Suárez / Instagram: @larat0
Video: Maria Grau Piqué / Instagram: @mariagraupique
Music (video): ScummV / / Instagram: @scummv
Virginia Ice / Instagram: @virginia_ice
Pepe Serrano / Instagram: @_pepeserrano
Juan Ojeda / Instagram: @juanojeda_20
David Prada / Instagram: @davidprada_
Marcos Escobar signed at CIAO Models @ciaomodels / Instagram: @marcosescobaar