Meanwhile in the Library

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Tel Aviv, Israel. Photography by Zohar Shitrit. Model is Yoav Sokolov from Draft Mgmt. Styling by Gal Yosef Arzuann. Makeup and Hair by Liora Sekely Gabrieli. Fashion by Mocknitwear, Duepl, Mango, Aya Gishuri, Venta, Zara, Nike, Asos design, Noisy May, Celine, Aderet Store, Shahar Avnet.

Photography Zohar Shitrit Instagram @zoharshitrit
Model is Yoav Sokolov Instagram @yoavsokolov
Agency Model Draft Mgmt Web / Instagram @drafttttt
Styling by Gal Yosef Arzuann Instagram @galyossefr
Makeup and Hair by Liora Sekely Gabrieli Instagram @liora_sg