Mehrwulf by Jos Jacob

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Jos Jacob is a multidisciplinary artist who lives in the north of The Netherlands. He’s specialized in costume/creature design and performance art. With his work, he likes to capture his audience in a slice of his own created reality. Where do your eyes go? Are you attracted? Or scared? What is the point of attraction? Beauty? What is beauty? Photography by Alwin Poiana.

” His name Nekk is related to the Latin “necare”, which stands for “to kill”. In the deep pools and marshes, the rivers and waterways there is a danger. There lives a water spirit who has his aim on humans, and not for the good.
He aims, not only to kill, but to suck humans blood and capture their souls. Their souls will linger forever in the cold darkness of deep waters, where the Nekk collects and nurtures them and he makes sure no one escapes.
He can assume many different shapes, among which that of a human, fish, snake or a combination of those. With his charm he lures humans into the water, the rest is history. ”

Being waterspirrited himself, Jos Jacob created these creatures inspired by the Nekk. “I’ve always been drawn to the sea ever since I was a little boy and I believe I’m born a Nekk”.

Photography by Alwin Poiana / Instagram: @alwinpoiana

Model, costume, make-up by Jos Jacob
Instagram: @jos.jacob