A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography & style Elena Illarionova. Produced by Nastya Vladimirskaya. Makeup by Jenya Muhamedzhanova. Model is Nastya. This fashion story is inspired by the art of Middle Ages, by the bright colours: blue, red, yellow and black, like from “Book of ours” by Limburg Brothers. Many people think that Middle ages were  “dark ages” in all meanings, but  Umberto Eco debunk this mistake  in his  “History of Beauty”. We can say that painters of Middle ages used the bold and clean colours and they had not only philosophical but also social reason to that.

Photography & style Elena Illarionova / Instagram: @helen_marllen
Produced by Nastya Vladimirskaya / Instagram: @onastya
Makeup by Jenya Muhamedzhanova / Instagram: @findmuha
Model is Nastya / Instagram: @onmyvibe from @eskimodels

skirt Dolce and Gabbana vintage
blouse Zara
mitten Roeckl
hat handmade by stylist
shoes Ardecolini
tights Calzedonia
Coat Rick Owens vintage
shoes Fessura
dress vintage 18 century
earring Gucci
cape vintage
blouse Sercinnetti vintage
skirt Cos
earring Celine