Memory Does Not Forget

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Anouk Brouwer. Model is Shin. Make up & Nails by Kanako Shiraishi. Hair by Yoshihiro Morita & Kanae Kawata. Styling by Ohana Moriwa.

Feelings of being haunted by past experiences; memory does not forget.

Photography by Anouk Brouwer / / Instagram: @anoukdbrouwer
Model is Shin / Instagram: @ooxx_shin
Make up & Nails by Kanako Shiraishi / Instagram: @kanako_makeup
Hair by Yoshihiro Morita / Instagram: @idear_yoshi.m & Kanae Kawata / Instagram: @idear_kanae.k
Styling by Ohana Moriwa / Instagram: @ohanamoriwa

With a background in theater and the arts, Tokyo based Anouk Brouwer is consistently looking for soulful ways of self-expression. Her concepts are cooked up from inner thoughts and experiences, then translated through the bodies of her subjects.