Mexico-Based artist Orly Anan collaborates on Molecular Meditation video

HUH, an evolving global experiment that brings creatives together from different parts of the world, announces their fourth project collaboration. ‘Molecular Meditation’ is an audio-visual exploration designed to manipulate the human brain to dive into a deep meditation, conceptualized by Mexico City-based creative director and visual artist Orly Anan. @orlyanan

Anan, who has collaborated with the likes of Lido Pimienta, Annie Leibovitz, and Missy Elliot, has now partnered with Toronto-based sound master Brandon Miguel Valdivia and New York-based video artist Enrique Alba to examine the mood ‘surreal’ through their complementary artistic mediums.

HUH is a website and global platform that brings creatives together from different parts of the world for content collaborations that reflect how their cities are feeling. The prototype was launched in October of 2020 as a pandemic passion project from the Toronto-based creative agency Somewhereelse. So far they have released three collaborations with artists from Toronto and LA, Singapore and Lagos, and Mexico City and Istanbul, exploring the moods ‘ethereal’, ‘disquiet’, and ‘melancholia’.

“Finding new ways to collaborate during these extraordinary times has opened up our world to working with artists like Orly, who we’ve been fans of for a long time,” says Anna Wiesen, creative director of Somewherelse & HUH. “We hope that this video will resonate with viewers from different backgrounds and allow for deep, transcendental experiences across the globe.”

Molecular Meditation was imagined as an exploration of new techniques for creativity and healing through art. Anan is known for her fantastical interpretation of space and character, which is demonstrated through the colourful visuals that draw the viewer into this experience. The sounds created by Valdivia, and visual and film editing techniques utilized by Alba interconnect a mixture of cultures from all over over the world, while the characters Anan brings to life seem to be from another world entirely. In this twenty-minute-long video, the artist trio blends their three unique universes and aims to bring the viewer on an inward journey that is spiritual, hypnotic, and multi-dimensional.

“I have long enjoyed the process of working with artistic contemporaries and have strived to grow as an artist through increasingly global collaborations,” says Orly Anan. “Myself, Brandon, and Enrique view our triangular partnership as a constellation—each star shines bright and has its own world, and together we create something beautiful and distinctive.”

“What we’ve created is a choose your own adventure type journey,” says Brandon Miguel Valdivia. “The music and the visuals are so layered and textural, there’s no telling what each person will see, hear, and feel and how they will interpret their experience.”

The collaboration for the mood of ‘surreal’ and city curator content is available on The launch will also be celebrated with a live virtual event as part of the Toronto-based Long Winter inter-arts series on March 20, 2021.

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creative director and visual artist Orly Anan. @orlyanan