Mixtape: Bae Blade

After marking her newly expanding global reach with the insanely up-tempo debut EP, four-tracker Mixed Feelings on Mutual Pleasure this September, Dortmund’s Bae Blade joins our mixtape series!

Touring as a pro photographer with bands from Hip Hop (inc. Woo-hah festival (Tilburg, NL) to Indie-folk while studying exposed her to multiple sounds now in her own armoury. The ‘Bae Blade’ project launched in lockdown; a mix she uploaded organically took off, leading to her HÖR debut, where she is now a regular. Now with international gigs under her belt, Bae Blade became a Rinse resident in February 2023 and is poised to take her place as a swiftly rising star as Mixed Feelings hits the ground running and never lets up.

I made this mix now that summer’s over and the clubs are back in action—this is the ultimate Bae Blade Club experience.

Prepare for a full-on onslaught of hard-edged, hyperfast techno/breakbeat/trance spiked with catchy hooks from other genres/times, dark and dancefloor ready with Mixed Feelings.

Bae Blade explains, “I wanted the freedom to cover as many genres in one EP as possible. The four tracks on this EP are all different, from 4 to the floor beat, to electro to that 808 hip-hop beat, the rapping… As humans we have different sides to us. I want my music to show that.”


Bae Blade’s Mixed Feelings is out now: https://orcd.co/mixedfeelings