Mixtape: Club Angel

Next to join our mixtape series is Club Angel, heavily inspired by the raw energy of late 90s UK dance music. Club Angel delves deep into the moody atmospheres of 2-step, Jungle, and Garage, characterized by tight percussion, dramatically sampled orchestral stabs, and soul-stirring vocals. This artist channels an era when dance music bore an “extremely raw and unforgiving” nature. Influenced by the likes of Two Shell and Overmono, Club Angel also steps his own distinct path in the scene.

Following his previous single ‘Cry’, his latest release, ‘Babylon’s Burning,’ merges intense jungle rhythms with heavy, throbbing drum and bass beats. This track sets the stage for what promises to be a transformative year for the producer.

Throughout 2023, Club Angel’s incendiary live performances have been setting the Australian underground dance scene ablaze, propelling his popularity through electrifying, word-of-mouth spread. His growing reputation was further solidified during his debut national headline ‘Stylin” tour. This series of events saw him elevating his unique, stuttering 2-step beats and hypnotic melodies to new heights, achieving sold-out shows across major cities such as Eora/Sydney, Naarm/Melbourne, and Ngunnawal/Canberra.

Adding to an already stellar year, Club Angel supported the ‘B.O.T.A. (Baddest of Them All)’ hitmaker, Interplanetary Criminal, at a hugely successful show in Naarm/Melbourne. As we watch Club Angel continue to carve out his niche, it’s clear that his groundbreaking fusion of nostalgic rhythms and contemporary beats promises to keep the dance floors moving and the music landscape ever-evolving.


Soundbwoy’s Destiny EP is out now: https://ffm.to/clubangel-soundbwoysdestiny