Mixtape: Dreamrdreamr

Next up on our mixtape series is a DJ, producer, creative youth worker, and visual artist, Dreamrdreamr. Taking inspiration from early melodic rave and fused with her own personal nostalgic memories of sound, Ruby merges elements of deep house, techno, jungle, and trance to create dreamlike states and euphoria. Her sets are a journey through sound, meticulously crafted to evoke emotions and memories that reside deep within us. Each beat, each rhythm, and each melody is a testament to her intricate understanding of music and its profound impact on the soul.

The world is feeling like a very weird place right now and at the moment I am just grateful to be able to listen and share beautiful music to ease things just a tiny bit. So hopefully this mix will do that for the listener. I have blended some unreleased, new n old and these tracks are ones that really captivate me with their meaning and beauty.

Dreamrdreamr’s latest EP ‘Through The Elements’, further explores the deeper realms of her artistic vision, bursting open her desired dream state and inviting listeners into an EP filled with heartfelt hope. This EP is not just a collection of tracks but a narrative—an auditory experience that carries the audience through waves of emotion, from the serene calm of ambient soundscapes to the pulsating energy of bass-heavy sequences. Every track is a chapter in her story, each note a word, each rhythm a sentence, converging to compose a masterpiece that resonates with the very core of human experience.

The combination of energetic club emotion and soothing ambient soundscapes results in an esoteric, hopeful record that softly calms the existential. With a string of revered releases behind her and ever-impressive sets at the likes of Fabric, DreamrDreamr broadens her sonic horizons, delving deep into abundant sonic skills that illuminate her refreshingly enigmatic approach to production. Her latest album uniquely intertwines pulsating rhythms with ethereal tones, creating an immersive listening experience that resonates on both an emotional and intellectual level. By blending different genres and experimenting with a broad palette of sounds, she offers a nuanced exploration of what electronic music can achieve, pushing boundaries and redefining expectations. Each track is a testament to her meticulous craftsmanship and her ability to evoke profound introspection through intricate compositions.

Photos by @zeibatchelor

‘Through The Elements’ is out now: https://linktr.ee/dreamrdreamr