Mixtape: IYKYK by Varsha and 4AM NYC

Welcome to this week’s mixtape series. “All 17 tracks from our IYKYK Compilation mixed for your listening pleasure! No effects, no nothing – just letting the producers’ work sing for itself. Enjoy Xo.” IYKYK ~If You Know You Know~ is a compilation curated by @4am-nyc and @varsh4, showcasing 17 phenomenal femme and nonbinary identifying producers. Although hailing from different corners of the electronic scene, each of them has come together on this project to create a signature track inspired by the ethos of House: to move people, together — regardless of where they or the music originated from.


KEEP THE CHANGE – DJ DELISH ( @pumpdabeat )
Simulator – @djrayreck
Lucky LaWanda – @itstheoretic
CHECK – @harukanyc999
Mom Says – @gavilanraynarussom
space – @nextdimensional
feltthat – @skulptormusica
Touch My Soul – @boredlord
lvlone – @pbnstrawberryjam
Special Technique – @sageintrospekt
Groove 2 This – @ladymonix
Bailá! – @laurenyoon
Vienna Sunsets – @megatronic
Kitty Cat – @tammylakkis
Cracking Codes – @moonrhythmsmusic
LIVE (DUB) – @russellelbutler
STILL – @4am-nyc


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VARSHA is a DJ, freestyle dancer, and model from the San Francisco Bay Area, and is bicoastal between New York and the West Coast. Her music taste and DJ practice is deeply inspired by the communities of artists and dancers from the queer and freestyle dance cultures that she is a part of, primarily the freestyle house dance & ballroom scenes. Through her bouncy, playful, and deep selections, she strives to channel the vibrant energy of these scenes, encouraging party-goers to feel boundless in their bodies and their movement. She’s passionate about bringing the underground club scene & dancers back together, by nurturing self-expression, joy, and community at her events — an aim which she achieves via her seminal Oakland-based party and monthly radio show, BODY HIGH.


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DJ, producer, booker and educator 4 AM NYC has been an integral part of the New York Underground music scene for over a decade. Founding and running the beloved party series and radio show, Spiritual Mental Physical since 2017, they have held down residencies at some of New York’s finest venues, including Good Room, Public Records and Le Bain.

As a DJ they provide nights of music unbound by genre, dedicated to the dance floor, and ruled by a furious & vivid emotional spectrum. Their delivery is always uncompromising and energizing, passionate and sincere.

 As a booker, they are known as the head of the house at Gabriela in Brooklyn- every audiophile’s oasis in a sea of homogeny; every open-minded dancer’s secret escape from the mainstream.



Bored Lord

DJ Delish

Gavilán Rayna Russom

Haruka Salt




Lauren Yoon


Moon Rhythms



Russell E L Butler

Tammy Lakkis


Skulptor @anodromedan + @skulptormusica

Release date: June 7th 2024 via @airtexture

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Artwork by Jordan Moss