Mixtape: Marcel Vogel

After just releasing ‘Keep on Stepping’ featuring LYMA, Marcel Vogel joins our weekly series with a classic house-infused mix. One of the more understated DJs and producers in the game right now, Marcel Vogel is a unique musician that blends styles that you must hear to believe. Fuelled by a desire to share a feeling, a connection, warmth, and surprise, Marcel mixes disco, soul, old-school & new-school house, gospel, and everything in between. He is never bound to a single style and his eclectic energy can be felt through every mix. Recently, The Lumberjacks in Hell label boss has remixed the music of popular acts such as Hot Chip, Phenomenal Handclap Band, and Flamingo Pier while also releasing a compilation with the legendary BBE imprint title: The Sound of Lumberjacks in Hell. 

Overall I would describe this mix as a minimalistic blend of R&B influenced house music. It’s a sound thats shared by both Omar-S and Romanthony who have been featured on here multiple times. It’s a timeless sound that’s almost like a 90’s hip-hop record uses few elements besides drums and bass but that makes the energy so special. My mixes live from the way I’d imagine the listener and the audience. So if you hear this and it resonates, it’s because I’ve made it for you. In the same way that I make my mixes for myself. Foremost I make my mixes the way I like my music to be contextualized. The tracks become meaning from what’s been played before and after. I am Marcel-splaning Djing to people who haven’t thought about this before but while it is obvious to many, it still blows my mind how we can do that and how powerful it is, in helping perceive a song and potentially fall in love with it.

As a DJ, Marcel has been blessed to share his distinctive mixes of rare grooves across the globe from Australia, Hawaii, Hong Kong, and Europe, especially the UK either by himself or by putting together exciting line-ups for his label nights.

With a set for Boiler Room, monthly radio shows for Universal Rhythms, an upcoming EP for Shall Not Fade alongside his long-time production partner Tim Jules among many other well-known concepts already under his belt, Marcel is only just getting started.



‘Keep on Stepping’ featuring LYMA is out now: