Mixtape: Marijn S

Next up on our mixtape series is Marijn S, a versatile Amsterdam based music producer whose experimental electronics and melodic breaks are largely inspired by the natural world. As a DJ, she’s known for versatile sound journeys that bring together ethereal soundscapes with deep and dark strains of dub, drum & bass, IDM, house, and liquid-y electro.

As a producer, Marijn S combines two contrasting worlds that deeply inspire her: The raw, pure, and timeless essence of music. Embracing simplicity and tranquillity, she infuses her creations with a sense of familiarity that resonates with listeners on a profound level. But Marijn S is also intrigued by the darker, experimental, and futuristic aspects of music. She sees this realm as an uncharted territory, filled with untapped potential. Marijn S’ artistic expression is characterised by the playful juxtaposition of these contrasts. The blend of simplicity and tranquillity with cutting-edge innovation creates an experience that is both familiar and avant-garde.

This mix focusses on my recently released debut EP on SPRAY; ’Under The Lily Pads EP’. The track ‘Under The Lily Pads’ is the centre core of the mix, combined with music that I feel resonate with the emotions I felt while producing Under The Lily Pads: dreamy soundscapes & joyful bliss fi ghting against the focus and frustration with the heavier, harsher beats. Featuring tracks that inspire me until this day & unreleased and released tracks of producers / friends.

As a DJ, Marijn S is all about captivating the dance floor with a blend of old school breaks, bass, and rave-y tunes and touches of 90s-inspired vibrant house & trance or delves into the deep and mysterious world of electro & fast-paced atmospheric oddities. She crafts her sets with energetic vibes that resonate with the crowd’s energy. This adaptability and versatility ensure that every performance is momentary.

Upcoming releases
PA004, Conundrum EP on Polychrome AudioRemix of Roe Deers on XXX label

Upcoming events
Dekmantel festival 4th august
Kraft und licht @ Poing Rotterdam,Benelux Bar release party of PA004

Feature photo by Emilio Arias

Under The Lily Pads is out now: https://music.sprayforever.com/marijns-underthelilypads