Mixtape: Niels Orens

Niels Orens – (c) Annika Wallis

Niels Orens encapsulates the essence of Niels Orens’ forthcoming EP ‘s/low nights’ by blending tracks from the EP with songs that shaped its creation. This unique compilation showcases a vibrant spectrum of electronic music, reflecting both the diversity of the EP and Niels’ eclectic musical palate.

This mixtape includes all of the tracks of my upcoming EP ‘s/low nights’ surrounded by the musical inspirations for it. The result is an eclectic mix of all kinds of electronic music, which I guess reflects on the diversity of the EP and my personal taste of music.

Fueled by innovative technology, Niels’ artistry pioneers new auditory landscapes, merging bold acoustic elements with digital ingenuity to craft emotionally resonant experiences. His work features a dynamic integration of rhythmic breakbeat patterns with expansive soundscapes and profound bass that together forge an unparalleled auditory journey.

Niels draws inspiration from iconic artists such as Max Cooper, Floating Points, and Massive Attack, navigating through various musical genres to forge a fresh, avant-garde sound. As he explores the confluence of music, technology, and visual arts, Niels is pushing the limits of what’s possible in electronic live performances.

Described by Max Cooper as “Organic acoustic and seething electronics melted together into a beautiful sound design by one of the most exciting new artists there is, this mixtape not only showcases Niels’ technical prowess but also his ability to emotionally connect through sound.