Exclusive Mixtape: Sound of Fractures

Following the release of his singles ‘Traces’, and ‘Life Hacks’, British DJ and music producer Jamie Reddington aka Sound of Fractures releases his debut EP, Real Friends, alongside a visual for the title track. Infusing his love of films, stories, and human experiences to share an honest and visceral experience through his music, Sound of Factures takes us on a nostalgic trip with his addition to our weekly mix series.

A mix of music that takes me back to night-bus journeys, post-club parties and car journeys home from raves in Bristol and Brighton. It’s all music that for me channels the sounds and things Uk dance makes me feel. It’s a journey through music that feels like it comes from the same place as mine. 

Real Friends
 shares a nostalgic trip to a place of warmth, looking back on the best memories that have shaped the London-based artists’ world. The artwork hangs on a wall in his parent’s home, and the EP features audio samples taken from phone footage of his everyday life, such as heartwarming giggles from his young daughter at the end of the title track Real Friends. In return, it’s an invitation to join and reminisce on your own personal memories for a joint collective experience.

The visual for the title track is a collaboration with director Guy Gooch, who says of his process and inspiration for this film: “I’ve started delving into the world of animation, with ANA Projects being a huge influence, along with other artists such as Orfeo Tagiuri. Their hand-drawn animation has a unique organic texture that compliments their work so well, and whilst listening to the beat of this song, I found that the layered animation kept the pace of the video.”

Deftly blending cinematic and atmospheric indie electronica with sounds spanning UK garage, synthwave and experimental electronica, the 4-track ‘Real Friends’ EP is a sonic exploration of emotional connection drawing from experimental, and lo-fi electronic music. It conveys the emotions of growing up; the challenges, the enchanting highs, and the moments that shape us for life.

EP track ‘Life Hacks’, released earlier this Summer, was an “ode to the beautiful chaos of city nightlife.”, while debut single ‘Traces’ explored the power of tiny moments that define our memories, and emotional connection with others.

Sound of Fractures says: “Real Friends’ is about the people around you that matter, that realisation that as you grow, there are certain friendships that are always there and that last through all the ups and downs of life. Even when you drift apart, the small memories of the special moments you have together stick with you forever.”

Growing up in a household surrounded by walls of records, his childhood was soundtracked by his parent’s love of reggae and northern soul. With a sound similar to the style of Jamie xx, Ross From Friends, and Four Tet, yet still remarkably unique, ‘Real Friends’ is a gift that welcomes the listener to the distinctive sound of Jamie Reddington’s alias Sound of Fractures with open arms.