Mixtress’ Top 5

Known for their fast-paced, frenetic sets that explore the past, present and future of jungle, hardcore, footwork and everything in between, London-based DJ and producer Mixtress shares her Top 5 picks. “I’ve gone for the theme of tracks that I often draw for to close out DJ sets. I’ve gone for five tracks that I keep coming back to again and again. Some of these tracks are quite old, but some of them are relatively quite new; but I think all of them have quite a nice quality to them that is either kind of cinematic or have really beautiful vocals or they’re just kind of sentimental tracks to me in that I might have been listening to them for well over a decade. I’ve gone for tracks that are kind of more on the jungle or drum and bass side of things but one of the tracks is a bit more of a kind of hardcore rave sound as well.”

1. Revival – Basic Rhythm & Tim Reaper

“‘Revival’ by Basic Rhythm and Tim Reaper is currently one of my favorite jungle tunes. Both artists are amongst my top jungle producers. What’s interesting about this track is its sneaky silence midway, which lasts for about 10 seconds. This pause often confuses the audience and even catches me off guard at times. The track seamlessly blends an old-school rave sound with a contemporary touch, incorporating a deep bass and the wubby 90’s techstep sound I am really into at the moment.”

2. Sweet Surrender – Model Man

“‘Sweet Surrender’ by Model Man is my preferred choice to wrap up a long DJ set. Given its slower pace and beautifully arranged samples, it provides a stark but pleasant contrast after an extended set of darkside stuff. The entire album samples really well, has loads of genres and I’d definitely give it a listen.”

3. Garden – TEED (Calibre remix)

“I couldn’t help but include a track from Calibre. If I were to statistically analyze, there’s a high chance my set ends on a Calibre track, irrespective of the setting. To me, Calibre’s production perfectly epitomizes what the conclusion of a set should feel like: a heartwarming, hands-in-the-air, embracing-your-loved-ones moment. The production quality is unparalleled. I remember when this track was released around 2011, as I was just beginning secondary school. It wasn’t the first Calibre track I had come across, but knowing that one of my top drum and bass producers had remixed a track from an artist I really liked was exciting. I’d play this on repeat on my iPod throughout that year. Each time I spin this at a club, I’m transported back to being 14 or 15, going through the motions of being a moody teenager hahah.”

4. Atlantis – LTJ Bukem

“‘Atlantis’ by LTJ Bukem is an ageless gem. I’ve incorporated it into nearly every DJ set for years. Its atmospheric quality and the Peshay-like vibe are immaculate. The “I need you, I want you” sample, originally from an early 90s Zhana track, is instantly recognizable and resonates deeply. The original version by Apolo is also a banger.”

5. Rochelle Jordan – Love U Good

“This track, the opening song from Rochelle Jordan’s 2021 album, is a melodic and liquid-like drum and bass masterpiece. The vocals perfectly complement the music. It’s one of those uplifting, hands-in-the-air numbers that also maintains a mellow and sublime feel, making it an excellent choice to wind down a set.”

Inspired by a dream and finished in a spaceship: a North London-based DJ and producing duo, consisting of hardcore aficionados Mixtress and Pete Cannon, have teamed up on a momentous rework of The Streets’ iconic single ‘Blinded By The Lights’. As epic in its synth work as it is in jungle breaks, earth-shattering basslines and unruly drops, ‘Blinded By The Lights 23’ holds its own as a stand-alone Mixtress & Pete Cannon original, embracing the hazy atmosphere of Skinner’s emotive sonics and raising them tenfold. Worked in too are warped samples of Mike Skinner’s iconic prose, featured in warps between brightly lit granular synths as the track does what it says on the tin: shine and dazzle as a dancefloor belter.

On the track, Mixtress says: “This track was made in between digging through Pete’s record collection, chatting breeze and snacking on baked goods from the shop across the road. It represents us perfectly: a whimsical and high-energy take on a timeless classic, that gets both the old and new heads feeling nostalgic.”


‘Blinded By The Lights 23’ is out now