Monadikos (μοναδικός)! An exhibition by Kiko Dionisio

#SaveTheDate Berlin! Welcome to an exhibition that transcends societal norms and penetrates the heart of the human experience created by the artist Kiko Dionisio, born in Portugal and now based in Berlin.

MONADIKOS, a word that encapsulates the essence of uniqueness in Greek, invites you to step into a realm where the beauty of the individual reigns supreme, free from judgement, just as in the sanctuary of the mother’s womb. Discover beauty beyond Conformity.

In this showcase, the artist Kiko brings to life the enchanting world of the unborn, where every nuance, every quirk, and every facet of human diversity is celebrated as pure, unadulterated beauty.

What society might deem as flaws or eccentricities, are transformed into exquisite works of art, akin to the mesmerising ripples in water.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the raw, unfiltered beauty that lies within every one of us.

Opening Date:  15.09.2023         
Time: 6 pm-10 pm

Date: Exhibition 16.09.2023          Time:5pm -10pm

Whole Day:  17.09.2023  Time: 1 pm – 10 pm 

Visiting Date:  18/19/20.09.2023  Time: 6 pm- 10 pm

Venue: Shows,Torstrasse 207,10115 Berlin

MONADIKOS is a celebration of the beauty found in every corner of the human spectrum, a tribute to the strength and resilience of those who dare to be their authentic selves, an ode to non-binary humans, trans men, trans women and the vibrant queer community.