#MondayMood Bruce Trail – ‘Bridgework’

Beginning in the south, the Bruce Trail hugs the ancient shoreline of Lake Iroquoia as it follows the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. The Path, over its lengthy journey, winds its way through a landscape of natural beauty as it moves up to central Ontario. As the Trail leads further into the depths of the woodland and Ravine, sunlight falls through layers of evergreen branches stamping intricate patterns on the forest floor. Continuing north, the Trail passes an array of plants and wildlife native to the historic forest. Vivid colours saturate the forest canopy, complimented by the sounds of the cascading waterfall echoing through the Ravine. In the distance a carpet of gently waving fern cover the rolling hills dotted with slow-growing centuries-old coniferous trees that reach towards the sun. At the home stretch of the escarpment you will be offered stunning views of the Peninsula, with the calm blue water of the western end of Lake Ontario reaching out to the lush greens of the temperate rainforest.

This is the journey of the Bruce Trail. 

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